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DR2100~2400 Diesel Passenger Cars

DR2100~2400 Diesel Passenger Cars

Nippon Sharyo (DR2100 Series, DR2300 Series), Kawasaki Railcar Manufacturing Company(DR2200 Series, DR2400 Series)


1932~1934 (DR2100~ DR2200 Series), 1935~1937(DR2300~ DR2400 Series)


19,916 mm


2,660 mm


3,600 mm


1,067 mm


30 t

Maximum Speed

105 km/h

The DR2100~2400 Series diesel passenger cars are the modified version of the gasoline cars introduced to Taiwan in the 1930s.

In response to the global shortage of gasoline during WWII and the ensuing policy of dieselization by the TRA, the gasoline cars were converted into diesel passenger cars in the 1950s, which had not only become the Ordinary Train running on the western mainline since 1954 but remained in active service on the branch lines until the 1990s.

Fitted with operating cabs on both ends, A DR2100-2400 Series car can be driven in either direction and hence highly manoeuvrable.